Three Feathers Associates is a non-profit corporation with the mission to promote the health, education and welfare of American Indian and Alaska Native people.    

Three Feathers directs its services toward training, technical assistance, research and collaboration among local, state and federal governments and private agencies in the areas of social and economic development and human service delivery.  All of the projects operated by Three Feathers have a national focus with Native Americans as the target population of our services. 

Three Feathers has a national reputation for providing quality and effective services.  Since 1980 TFA has worked with tribal governments and operated public and private grants, cooperative agreements and contracts.  TFA has extensive experience in providing logistical services for the deployment of national, regional and state wide conferences, institutes, seminars and workshops.

Three Feathers currently serves as the management support contractor for the National Indian Head Start Directors Association and the Southwest Consortium of Indian Head Start Programs, Inc.  TFA management support services include training logistics and facilitation, support and guidance of non-profit governance and communication with the membership of both groups.